The iconic Comandante® C40 is a robust, high performance grinder with an advanced and pioneering burrset: Nitro Blade®. And the new Mk4 generation just got even better!

Thanks to some smart material science, reworked internals and an unbreakable polymer-glass Bean Jar, the Comandante® C40 Mk4 offers improved workflow, weight, and durability.


Diameter: 2.4"

Height: 6.3"

Weight: 1.63 lbs.

Outer Burr Size: 39mm

Inner Burr Size: 30mm

Burr Type: Conical Steel Burrs

Burr Material: Patented High-Alloyed High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel

Body Material: Stainless Steel (Wood Veneer)

Axle: Stainless Steel

Axle Bearings: 2x Stainless Steel Micro Ball Bearing with Rubber Seals

Crank: Stainless Steel

Crank-Knob: 100% Natural Oak Wood (Hand-Made in Black Forest)


Grinder x1

Brown glass x1

Clear polymer-glass x1

Comandante - Nitro Blade® C40 MK4 Hand Grinder - Black