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招募。Open call for Home Baristas & Roasters

Updated: May 17, 2020

【招募Home Barista 及 Home Roaster!】 如果你也是咖啡愛好者,一說到咖啡就停不下來,常常流連於各間咖啡室,閒時在家喜歡炒炒豆,別人去旅行買手信你買咖啡豆、甚至熱衷於把咖啡機拆開再改裝,我們要找的人就是你了! 只要你自問無啡不歡,又有興趣想認識更多咖啡愛好者,甚至想讓大家嚐一嚐你親手沖泡或者烘焙的咖啡,由 PMQ Taste Library 味道圖書館和 啡聞遊記 合辦的 《啡嚐樂》 (Let’s Chat Over a Cup of Coffee) 就是你的舞台! 立即填妥以下的表格,參加《啡嚐樂》的招募活動,成為《啡嚐樂》的分享嘉賓吧!

收到表格後,我們會儘快以電郵或電話的方式聯絡你! 報名表格: 查詢: 3481 3998 / 【Open Call for Home Baristas & Roasters!】 Are you truly a coffee lover? Do you enjoy wandering around different coffee shops in town? Do you think you know too much about coffee than you should? Do you have lots of stories about coffee that you want to share? And do you love roasting your own beans, making your coffee in a specific way and willing to let more people to try it? If your answers are YES, then “Let’s Chat Over a Cup of Coffee” is a perfect platform for you! Please fill in the following form and become one of our guest baristas or roasters! Once you have submitted the application, we will contact you ASAP! Application: Enquiry: 3481 3998 /

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